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Task can have sub-tasks. It is just like a list, using TAB to increase level of task or SHIFT-TAB to decrease. In an empty task item, typing ENTER, it is back to normal paragraph if it is already at root level, otherwise, one level up.

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It shows a popover when mouse is hovering the small icon beside document outline title. It includes the document outline (headings 1…6) and tags. They are clickable and scroll the document to the anchor. This can be used to quickly locate the document even it is not open.

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That popover can rename the file if current document is linked external folder from your MAC.

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There are many ways to format the text. The easiest way is selecting the text, then click the popover menu on that action button.

Tip 5/101

To format text, after selecting text, just typing *, ** or ~ etc. The text will be formatted to emphasis, strong or cross etc.

Tip 6/101

ESC is helpful if you want to resume to normal typing style when current style is bold, strong, or cross etc. Typing ESC, it shows a small popover menu (only if current typing has styling), then ENTER, the current typing will resume to normal font without any styling.

Tip 7/101

At ordered or unordered list, when typing CTRL+ENTER, it continues the list but in a new line. More than that, using TAB, the consequence lines can be joined into the list.

Tip 8/101

In rich mode, put ** before a word, then move caret to the end of the word and typing **. The word will be bolded. Similar, try put ### at a line beginning, that line turns into level 3 heading. That is another way to format text.

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The text can be copied into HTML by shortcut ALT-CMD-C. When pasting, styling text will be parsed, any markdown syntax supported format will be converted to markdown. So if you paste bold and emphasis into rich editor, it remains formats, if paste at markdown mode, it will be parsed to markdown text. Using shortcut ALT-CMD-V to always paste as plain text.

Tip 10/101

Library is self-managed container for your documents. The document can contains images. In future release, Library will support iCloud synchronisation. Linked External Folder is any folders in your MAC, the possible scenario is using this feature to manage files in your Dropbox.

Others Tips: TextNut tips section 2