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Tip 11/101

Except changing font size in General Properties, the text can be zoomed in/out from application menu View -> Zoom in/Zoom out. Its shortcut is CMD-+ and CMD--.

Tip 12/101

Marker + creates tags. Comma is used to to separate tags. In rich mode, when typing comma in a tag, it automatically creates a new tag. Typing ENTER will end the tag input.

Tip 13/101

Clicking Tags in library tree will list tags in all documents. It is easy way to sort out the documents. Tag is also used as WordPress tag when you publish blogs.

Tip 14/101

The library title in document list is clickable. There are 3 states: Title only, Title with shorthand parent folders, Title with full path parent folders.

Tip 15/101

All documents are versioning. Browsing the history version from application menu File -> Browse All Versions.

Tip 16/101

At searching result, the searching keywords can be saved as a Filter for later use.

Tip 17/101

The library (or a sub-library) can be exported into one file, either in Markdown, PDF, RTF or HTML format.

To be continued…

Others Tips: TextNut tips section 1