TextNut markdown engine is 100% compatible with CommonMark. More than than, TextNut is a superset of CommonMark. It has a few of extension that are not include in CommonMark. They are Task, Footnote, Tag and Strikethrough.

These extension are follow CommonMark similar delimiters syntax:

  • Task is similar with List. But marker is - [ ], - [-] or - [x].

  • Footnote is same with link reference. But the reference label has prefix with ^, e.g, [^1].

  • Tag and Strikethrough are same with emphasis, e.g, tag is +Tag1, Tag2+, Strikethrough is ~~strikethrough~~

Please note, only in Markdown editing mode, it is 100% compatible. In rich editing mode, it is sub-set. For example, _ is not used for emphasis or strong emphasis.